Week 3 – Study Skills

Week 3 -Study skills Learning Outcomes: To assess areas of strengths and weaknesses in students Academic Skills Understand the exam board system Understand different universities course requirements Understand plagiarism and the importance of paraphrasing   This week saw students explore and strengthen their Academic skills such as: Time management Organisation Self-advocacy and communication   The… Continue reading Week 3 – Study Skills

Week 1 – Introduction to Personal Tutoring

    Week 1 – Introduction to Personal Tutoring   Learning objectives To understand the fundamental core values of Ashbourne and know how to put the Ashbourne ethos into practice To understand what Ashbourne expects from each students     Personal Tutoring Workshops are a distinctive feature of education at Ashbourne College and Ashbourne appreciates… Continue reading Week 1 – Introduction to Personal Tutoring

Week 1: Get to Know You

Personal Tutoring sessions both strengthen academic skills and critical thinking and aim to promote citizenship and character. Ashbourne’s Personal Tutoring encourages sound social practices in our students, such as tolerance and open-mindedness and these sessions emphasize core values; such as the need to respect diversity. In essence, Personal Tutoring sessions recognize and reflect the fact… Continue reading Week 1: Get to Know You