Week 28 – Managing Exam Stress

As we are coming closer to the exam period, it is important that students know that feeling stress and anxiety during this time is normal, but there are strategies to keep the nerves at bay!

  1. Take regular breaks and schedule fun things to look forward to.
  2. Exercise, go for walks or to the gym as a stress relief.
  3. Speak to friends, family or teachers – Remember that there are lots of people that you can always speak to. Your personal tutor can give you advice on how to manage your revision etc.
  4. Avoid bas habits. Go to sleep early and walk up early, structure your day and make a revision timetable.
  5. Stay positive


Mindfulness is a breathing technique that you can use to help stay calm and stress free.

You can practice mindfulness by sitting or standing, eyes open or closed or even as you’re walking to the exam hall.

  1. inhale through your nose gently for two seconds
  2. Hold your breath in for one second
  3. Breathe out through your mouth slowly for four seconds
  4. Repeat for one minute and if you like you can repeat for longer.

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