Week 27 – Smoking and Substance Abuse

Learning Objective: Understand the physical, psychological and economic effects of smoking and substance abuse.

Students were first asked to read an article and discuss why people start smoking.


The article defines addiction and explains what makes smoking attractive to so many. This is because of its delivery of powerful chemicals such as nicotine.

In groups, they were then asked to research smoking related illness and to find out the cost of cigarette packets are.

Students fed back to class:

  1. Lung Cancer
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Stroke
  4. Asthma
  5. Gum Disease

Students were then asked to watch the following animation and write down the psychological and physical affects:


To finish the class, they were asked to work in group to design a poster that outlines and explained the different classes of drugs and what the law says against them.


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